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Welcome to the MNA® Literature Database.  Here you will find valuable information on the extensive research that supports use of the MNA® in the elderly.  Currently there are more than 1100 published research articles that reference the MNA®.  Access links to abstracts of all MNA® articles and references cited on the website using the search function, e.g. select “Abstract” and enter a keyword to search abstracts.

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Title Progress in the development of the index of ADL.
Authors Katz S, Downs TD, Cash HR, Grotz RC
Publication Year 1970
Journals Gerontology.
Volume 1
Startpage 20-
Endpage 30
Doi doi:
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Title Assessment of older people: Self-monitoring and instrumental activities of daily living measure.
Authors Lawton MP, Brody EM
Publication Year 1969
Journals Gerontologist.
Volume 9
Startpage 179-
Endpage 186
Doi doi: